WFNMB - Colorectal Cancer (WFNMB 0001)
WFNMB 2018
WFNMB - Colorectal Cancer (WFNMB 0001)
Concurrent Session - Oncology - Tues 24th April 2018 Speaker 1: Dr. Elizabeth Bernard. Staff Specialist Nuclear Medicine. Royal North Shore Hospital. Regional Treatment with 90Y SIR-Spheres. Speaker 2: Prof Dr Patrick Flamen. Institut...
WFNMB - Breast Carcinoma (WFNMB 0002)
WFNMB 2018
WFNMB - Breast Carcinoma (WFNMB 0002)
Speaker 1: Dr. Stephen Luen. Medical Oncologist. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Overview of Breast Carcinoma from a clinicians perspective. Speaker 2: Prof Francesco Giammarile. Read with the experts: PET/CT in Breast Carcinoma. Speaker 3:...
WFNMB - Hepatobiliary & Gastric Carcinoma (WFNMB 0003)
WFNMB 2018
WFNMB - Hepatobiliary & Gastric Carcinoma (WFNMB 0003)
Speaker 1: Dr Yuji Nakamoto. Clinical utility of FDG PET/CT in gastric cancer. Speaker 2: Dr. Seong Yeong Kwon. C-11 Acetate and F18-FDG PET/CT for hepatocellular carcinoma research. Speaker 3: Dr Mark Goodwin. MRI anatomy of hepatobiliary...
WFNMB Plenary Session 4 - Tues 24th April 2018 (Speaker 1) (WFNMB 0004)
WFNMB 2018
WFNMB Plenary Session 4 - Tues 24th April 2018 (Speaker 1) (WFNMB 0004)
Speaker 1: Prof Sanjiv Sam Gambhir Precision Health and its Impact on the Future of Nuclear Medicine
WFNMB Plenary Session 4 - Tues 24th April 2018 (Speakers 2&3) (WFNMB 0005)
WFNMB 2018
WFNMB Plenary Session 4 - Tues 24th April 2018 (Speakers 2&3) (WFNMB 0005)
Speaker 2:Ignasi Carrio EJNMMI Editor in Chief. The Future of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. Speaker 3: A/Prof Roslyn Francis, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Multi-Centre Clinical Trials and Trials Networks. Enhancing the Future of...
WFNMB 2018 Event Highlights (WFNMB 0006)
WFNMB 2018
WFNMB 2018 Event Highlights (WFNMB 0006)

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